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Learn how to leverage group travel so you can finally stop spinning your wheels and avoid burning out


Learn the four-part framework I used to double my travel business year over year with destination wedding groups

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If your business seems to control your life and you just can’t seem to stop working 24/7, you know that you are going to burn out. Thousands of travel agents around the country suffer the same challenges you do and let me tell you this, it’s not your fault and you CAN build that profitable travel business. If you want to book more group travel, I have the solution for you, THE ULTIMATE DESTINATION WEDDING PLAYBOOK WORKSHOP.

In just 15 weeks many students have been able to start charging and raising their professional fees and ultimately book more weddings because they earned the confidence to sell their services.

“My business has tripled. Not complaining but all I can say is thank God I took your class when I did. I have all my systems in place to handle the growth”

~ Amanda, Ontario, CA.

“Just starting out or in the thick of growth—you need DWP. This is not another paid membership with another boring training. This is a hard core, LEGIT training course! You’ll learn ways to streamline your business, gain confidence, AND how to help couples with their DW. If you’re not in it to work, this isn’t for you. But if you’ve been struggling to find just the right training to push you to the next level and beyond, you can’t afford not to sign up! #fact”

~ Dana Lewis

“Having someone that is known for being a DW Expert and is willing to walk you through the process is priceless. There are so many trainings out there where they give you the tip of the iceberg, they do not want to help you understand the whys and the hows, just the you need to do this and that.

With DWP you get the whole iceberg. Will breaks it down and explains why this process has worked. He gives you real life scenarios that makes sense. He bends over backwards to provide us with examples so we understand, not confuse us more.

If you are lost in the world of DW's or groups this class will help level your playing ground.

I would like to give a shout out to all the other fabulous agents that attended with me, it is awesome to have a group of ladies that we can bounce ideas off with, show each other our work and celebrate success with.

If you want to invest dollars in a training, this is real life and worth every penny!”

~ Terri Robinson

Imagine being able to...

...reach your sales goals and have so many clients that you can finally hire an assistant to manage the transactions while you close your calendar and enjoy a true vacation or weekend off. Feel the sense of calm and abundance in your mind while you enjoy those travel perks and quality time with your loved ones.

If you are new to Destination Weddings or if you are a seasoned agent, the Destination Wedding Playbook Workshop will help you step it up and help you achieve the results that you have been looking for. Join me today by choosing one of the options below.

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The Ultimate Destination Wedding Playbook Workshop will:

Give you the confidence to sell more groups

Show you the No fluff, all-simple tools you can master with my help, even if you are not super "techy." Simple, actionable, guided material and resources for every lesson.

Help you to develop high converting funnels and nurture campaign email sequences

Support you every step of the way - you’re not alone on this journey of transformation.

A 15-week program designed to make sure there is no wo-man left behind!

Class Starts on March 4th, 2020.

Meet Your Coach:
Will Medina

Having worked in this industry now for over 10 years, I’ve seen hundreds of agents achieve success with what I share; whether it is speaking at an industry conference, doing an in-person workshop or via our Facebook communities.

As a fully qualified and experienced Destination Wedding Expert, in the trenches, I created THE ULTIMATE DESTINATION WEDDING PLAYBOOK WORKSHOP and have been able to work with dozens of agents and get them onto this niche with full confidence that they are ready to sell more groups.

Here’s what you will get in the Destination Wedding Playbook Workshop:


A 15-module workshop with over 40 hours of online training videos delivered weekly to your Playbook Dashboard.

In addition, you will receive Live Weekly Office Hours/Q&A Sessions to help you overcome your challenges with group sales and marketing strategies. Office hours with Will give you the opportunity to ask questions and get expert advice. 

The course never expires so you can work at the speed of your own business. 


3 Recorded Sales Consultations with Real Couples so you can see the system in action and learn to overcome objections, build your authority and get hired.


Access to Monthly momentum calls with industry experts and marketing professionals


An invitation to the Playbook Inner Circle secret community to join all other members and ask any questions you may have and get answers right away.


Become a Certified Destination Wedding Expert and earn your logo and exclusive badge to display on your website and marketing materials.

Access to email and blog templates, daily motivation... PLUS recorded tutorials, bonus trainings and exclusive Productivity Tool Discounts

Playbook 3.0 Curriculum: 

  • Week 1: NICHE: The Secret Formula to Easily Attract More Clients

  • Week 2: NEEDS: Develop the right mindset, confidence, and understanding to meet the unique needs of destination wedding couples without any overwhelm.

  • Week 3: Room Blocks for Destination Weddings 101 - everything you need to know to protect your client, protect yourself, and demystify the group contracts.

  • Week 4: Creating Your Ideal Client Persona (#BeachBride Avatar)This is the secret to standing out, charging fees, and attracting the clients you love to work with.

  • Week 5: Create a simple process to bring in leads and convert them into happy clients who can’t wait to work with you.

  • Week 6: Consultation Blueprint: develop an irresistible landing page to turn tire-kickers into actual consultations.

  • Week 7: Social Media Trilogy: Use Instagram, Facebook Groups and your FB page to become a magnet for your ideal client.

  • Week 8: Implementation Week

  • Week 9: Master the $100,000 Destination Wedding Consultation (Virtually)

  • (BONUS CALL) Week 9: Consultation Blueprint: develop an irresistible landing page to turn tire-kickers into actual consultations.

  • Week 10: Pulling it all Together- $100K Free Consultation Strategy.

  • Week 11: The Stress-Free Agent Formula: How and Why to Systematize Your Business with Automated Emails.

  • Week 12: The Power of a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) For Your Group Travel Business

  • Week 13: How to use Trello as a Productivity Tool to Keep Your Inbox Clean and Your brides happy.

  • Week 14: The Fool-Proof Guest Booking System: How to easily manage reservations without lifting a finger or working on the weekends.

  • Week 15: (BONUS CALL) Real Bride Consultation #Cora

  • Week 16: Workshop Wrap Up Call

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To add even more value to this program and to give you the BEST chance of achieving success, I want to also include these bonuses...

BONUS 1 - Access to the Playbook Inner Circle - A private community just for members

Value $897

BONUS 2 - Get my Library of email campaign templates used in Automation so you don’t have to start from scratch

Value $497

BONUS 3 - Get An exclusive 90-minute Masterclass - 5 Proven Steps to close your first destination wedding lead like and expert

Value $297

BONUS 4 - Free 21-Day Social Media Posting Challenge

Value $97

Total Bonus Value $1,788

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Wedding Playbook Workshop

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The Destination Wedding Playbook Workshop closes registration on March 2nd, 2020.

Join today. If you aren't entirely satisfied with the content and the workshop within 14 days, we’ll fully refund you the money you paid for the workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am glad you asked. Each class is 60-90 minutes, once a week. Additionally, I estimate about 2-3 hours max per week for assignment and implementation.

All classes are recorded and the course never expires so you can work at the speed of your own business. 

The Playbook Workshop is a group coaching program so all mentoring and coaching is done in a group setting inside of the Inner Circle Community. It's ongoing so feel free to ask as many questions as you need. However, one-on-one coaching will not be included in this workshop.

No. You are required to be a travel agent with some travel booking experience. If you can book an individual All-Inclusive vacation for a client, we can help you learn the ins and outs of group bookings.

The rules and principles we will introduce you to over the course of the Playbook can be translated to any niche, not just Destination Weddings. 

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