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The VIP Business Lounge We Have Been Waiting For Is In Cancun and I Love It

Hola Amigos! 

As a Frequent Flyer, I know you will understand my excitement. See, as Travel Agents we love recommending Club MoBay to our clients (traveling to Jamaica). We firmly believe it enhances the travel experience, at the end, who the heck loves waiting on tiny airport chairs and paying overpriced fast food meals and cervezas, right? (especially after leaving an All-Inclusive resort!).

Well, I am here to share my excitement with you! So here is the deal, Cancun already had a couple of VIP Business Lounges but none in terminal 4 which is where I am flying out of today, on Southwest Airlines. Well, the wait is over.

I decided to walk around as I wait for my time to board which is two hours away, with the rest of the "mortals" (It's a Joke) when I suddenly read my favorite words at the airport (After "On Time" flights that is)... VIP/BUSINESS LOUNGE!


I followed every little sign and rushed to my version of Heaven at any airport: Free Wifi, Comfortable...

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