The VIP Business Lounge We Have Been Waiting For Is In Cancun and I Love It

american express platinum amex business traveler cancun frequent flyer mera business lounge priority pass travel agent vip lounge visit mexico Apr 01, 2019

Hola Amigos! 

As a Frequent Flyer, I know you will understand my excitement. See, as Travel Agents we love recommending Club MoBay to our clients (traveling to Jamaica). We firmly believe it enhances the travel experience, at the end, who the heck loves waiting on tiny airport chairs and paying overpriced fast food meals and cervezas, right? (especially after leaving an All-Inclusive resort!).

Well, I am here to share my excitement with you! So here is the deal, Cancun already had a couple of VIP Business Lounges but none in terminal 4 which is where I am flying out of today, on Southwest Airlines. Well, the wait is over.

I decided to walk around as I wait for my time to board which is two hours away, with the rest of the "mortals" (It's a Joke) when I suddenly read my favorite words at the airport (After "On Time" flights that is)... VIP/BUSINESS LOUNGE!


I followed every little sign and rushed to my version of Heaven at any airport: Free Wifi, Comfortable couches, work stations, meals and drinks included... hello All-Inclusive! 

I approached the entrance and quickly shouted to the clerk: HALLELUJAH! He smiled and welcomed me, so I think he understood my relieve! 

MERA Business Lounge is part of the Priority Lounges which is an Inclusion of my Business American Express Platinum. I am sure you have read my posts on Facebook preaching this card but as a Frequent Traveler, this is by far my favorite perk of this card.  

 It beats your typical airport waiting area at the gates, right? 

Plenty of comfortable sitting areas! :)

If you have this card (or perk via any other card) get excited because the lounge is finally here. If you do not have the card, I suggest you consider it because this perk alone makes the annual fee worth every penny. 

Going back to the comparison of Club MoBay, you would be saving at least $30 dollars per person on every leg of a trip, as long as they have a lounge which are plentiful with over 1,100 lounges worldwide. Check out the Lounge Locations Around the World Here. 

Color me Spoiled but when you spend so many hours at airports around the world every single month, this is a privilege I am willing to pay for. 

That was my Public Service Announcement I wanted to share which definitely ends yet another trip to my beloved Cancun, Mexico on a high note. By the way, that makes the choices of lounges at the Cancun International Airport available at Terminal 1, 2 and 4. Always ask around and follow the signs to VIP "Heaven". Don't have your Amex Platinum Yet? You Can Apply Here and Earn Up To 75,000 Membership Rewards Points.