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How to Build Meaningful Relationships with Your Business Development Managers (Part 2)


Part 1 of this article and the tips were so well received that we are thrilled to share Part 2! So let's continue reading the tips from our road warriors (If you have not seen the first 5 tips, read Part 1 here)

6. Catherine said: 1-LET ME KNOW WHO YOU ARE - Since I don’t always know who all the agents are in my territory, whether home-based, IC or storefront, I encourage them to send me their

  • Name, Travel Agency Name, E-Mail, Tel. #, City, State (and Address if applicable) -This allows me to include them in newsletters, emails, promos, updates and events

REGISTER FOR OUR TRAVEL AGENT REWARDS PROGRAM - at and email me their successful registration,

  • This shows to me their professionalism and incentive to book us, through their favorite wholesaler
  • They reap amazing cash rewards and free room nights.

 ATTEND LOCALLY ORGANIZED EVENTS -When I host a local event attend when possible

  • You have attended some of them and can see...
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How to Build Meaningful Relationships with Your Business Development Managers (Part 1)


I want to start this post by thanking ALL of the amazing Travel Agents that joined the Successful TAs Tribe (Our Free Facebook Group for Legit and mad COOL TAs) recently. I enjoy building my community and our profession so very much, but it would not be possible without your participation and the huge level of engagement. Thank you for helping me make STAT the "go-to" community for real Travel Entrepreneurs that are not afraid to have fun, laugh and challenge the status quo while keeping it professional and enriching for everyone. You are the real MVPs.

Yesterday, I posted a picture inside of the group with my AIC Hotels BDM. The purpose was both to brag about the top-notch support I receive from Dan but also to encourage the members to find 2-3 Business Development Managers and build a strong relationship with. This post sparked many praises for some BDMs as well as questions from those trying to get in the field and connect with these industry players....

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