How to Build Meaningful Relationships with Your Business Development Managers (Part 2)

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Part 1 of this article and the tips were so well received that we are thrilled to share Part 2! So let's continue reading the tips from our road warriors (If you have not seen the first 5 tips, read Part 1 here)

6. Catherine said: 1-LET ME KNOW WHO YOU ARE - Since I don’t always know who all the agents are in my territory, whether home-based, IC or storefront, I encourage them to send me their

  • Name, Travel Agency Name, E-Mail, Tel. #, City, State (and Address if applicable) -This allows me to include them in newsletters, emails, promos, updates and events

REGISTER FOR OUR TRAVEL AGENT REWARDS PROGRAM - at and email me their successful registration,

  • This shows to me their professionalism and incentive to book us, through their favorite wholesaler
  • They reap amazing cash rewards and free room nights.

 ATTEND LOCALLY ORGANIZED EVENTS -When I host a local event attend when possible

  • You have attended some of them and can see how they help the agents (And yes I have and learned a lot plus I loved my cupcake making class, yummy!)


Pictured with Me: Catherine Pawelek, Account Executive for La Collección Resorts By Fiesta Americana. During LoveMexico & Beyond in Cancun. 

 7. "Take the time to educate yourself on their product and know if it is something you feel you can truly support. If it is, move forward with developing a strategy and action plan that you both agree will deliver results. Then, stay loyal to that goal to try to deliver an ROI. Last... don't be afraid to put some skin in the game. It shows the supplier you mean business and are willing to put yourself at risk to succeed." Heather Warren Hendrix, Senior Director of Sales at Travel Impressions

8. The ever-fabulous Tiana Tiano with Globus said: "Reach out to your BDM in a proactive, positive way. Many times the first time I may hear from an agent is when there is a catastrophe and I receive a cryptic email with the word HELP in the subject line. Instead, if this, sit down, look at the preferred vendors you want to sell and initiate contact, introducing yourself with some background and let them know in your interest in growing your business with their product. This will start the relationship in a positive way and help them get the ball rolling in helping you increase your sales."

9. Ding, Ding, Ding! And what's not love about Mr. Richard Moss Himself? His high energy, bubbly personality, and amazing support to the Travel Agent Community so I just had to reach out and get his expert inside. Richard said he felt inspired by this article and shared his best tip here: "P-CUBE" Personal, Professional Partnership is essential. Travel Business Development relies heavily on nurturing inter-personal relationships to be: Personal, Professional & Partnership-oriented in nature, to achieve exceptional mutual results. The fact is travel professionals and BDM's need each other. No Woman or man is an island. As in all great and functional relationships, honesty and integrity are very important. A travel professional, by sharing their actual level of understanding and level of interest is the first step to allowing a proactive BDM to thereby provide the essential, customized help and precise tools to strengthen that particular agent in growing and developing NOT only product or destination knowledge but also essential Sales skills. An expert BDM, can help to diagnose these areas for development and coach accordingly. Likewise, on the other hand, Travel professionals are great sources of priceless ideas and feedback- even prior to launching a campaign/program. It is BDM's that are most intimately-rooted to their trade partners who get this honest, invaluable intelligence which can then fuel effectiveness which is mutually beneficial. There is, therefore, a symbiotic relationship between a Travel Advisor or agency owner and a BDM professional. Feedback continues to be the breakfast of champions and the 3 P's of Effectiveness will lead to inevitable continuous improvement and success. All of that said, the true winners are those who connect personally on a level of TRUSTING each other and this allows folks to share a bit more of their lives, pets, struggles, any aspect of their journey which far supersedes mere business and allows a human connection that INSPIRES and therefore sustains them both."

10. Speaking of charisma or Karisma should I say? hehe. I could not end this series without the voice of such a season industry partner like my friend Daniel "Karisma". Although he is no longer a BDM I think we can agree that Daniel is the face of Karisma Resorts. "My suggestion is this: Get out of the office and meet the person, set up a breakfast or lunch meeting, casual, to get to know the product but also the person. People will only do business with people they like, So get to know your BDM as a person and not only on a business level. This business is about relationships."

There you have it, friends! These road warriors have said it all. As always, I love chatting with you so let me know your thoughts or experiences as you work your way in the field.

Make it a FUN week! 

Will Medina