Featured Article: Ditch the Destination Wedding Hard Sell, and Be Yourself to Increase Sales

and be yourself to increase sales destination wedding specialist ditch the destination wedding hard sell group travel training travel agent Oct 30, 2018

Did you catch my collaboration with Richard D'Ambrosio for the Travel Market Report this week?

"No one likes to be sold to, especially someone who is planning the most expensive and life-changing event of their life.

For travel agents to insert themselves into the destination wedding purchase decision-making process, Will Medina, founder of Destination Weddings Expert, LLC, a boutique travel agency that focuses primarily on destination weddings to Mexico and the Caribbean, advises agents to take the subtle approach.

Based in South Florida, Medina serves clients around the world, while mentoring dozens of agents around the U.S. in growing their romance travel businesses.

He recently published The Ultimate Destination Wedding Playbook, a four-part framework for travel agents who want to make more money through group travel. Travel Market Report asked Medina to expand on some of the tips he offered in his playbook.

TMR: When you say that great destination wedding agents learn the concerns of a couple, what do you see as the top two to three questions that elicit the best responses?
Will Medina: In my experience, every couple is different. I offer all potential clients a complimentary one-on-one consultation. They love a no-pressure casual conversation where they get to pick my brain and get information that actually applies to them and their unique circumstances. As you can imagine, there is a lot of information on the internet, so some couples come with a ton of research done, while others come to me extremely confused and overwhelmed by their research... Read the full article here!

I have received great feedback about my tips and my hope is that they are helpful to you as well. 

We'll catch up soon.