No one else was doing the one thing that Destination Wedding Travel Agents really needed — so I made it happen! (Playbook Retreat Part 1)

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If you know me, you know: I’m not shy — but I don’t really like to talk myself up that much.

It feels kinda like bad karma because the reality is that most of everything we do is with the help of at least one other person and usually lots of other people along the way. But something also happened recently that I just feel SO PROUD about, and I’m bursting to share the great news and gorgeous pics.

A huge part of my exhilaration is that I have been working for so long to make this happen. It was the culmination of months of planning, years of work, and a vision to really transform how destination-wedding travel experts can have professional, fulfilling, and thriving businesses.

I launched Destination Wedding University this past year. The reason I started this 15-week intensive online program was that when I looked around, I saw a need to give agents who are passionate about destination weddings a place to get thorough, organized, in-depth, inside-track training to help them with ALL aspects of their business. I wanted an environment that was fun and encouraging and mutually-beneficial — a place where agents could see that they didn’t have to be in constant competition with one another to have amazing success in this industry.

I didn’t see what I was looking for out in the industry … so I decided I should create the thing that I could have used when I was just getting started.

 When you put something out into the world, you literally have no idea what’s going to happen. There is no guarantee about how people will respond. It’s exciting and also terrifying.

 The enrollment for the inaugural class far surpassed my expectations. I knew from Day One that we were on to something big. (And enrollment projections for next year look even better!)

 This DWU class of 2019 was full of amazing, talented agents, such beautiful and hardworking people. I could not be more proud of them!

 After 15 weeks of hard work, I wanted to offer them something that has never been done before: an opportunity for an on-location, hands-on training that would walk them through every single aspect of planning, organizing, booking, and executing an unforgettable wedding weekend.

 Welcome to the Destination Wedding Playbook Retreat weekend at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya!

 As always, the students brought their best and created a truly remarkable and unforgettable weekend.

I couldn’t sum up the magic of those three days in just one post — so I’m going to give you an exclusive look into everything we did and accomplished, along with the gorgeous photography of Gabriel Rosario.

Special thanks to our amazing travel partner AIC Hotel Group and the wedding vendors at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. (More about them in a later post). 

I hope you enjoy these moments — and if you’re curious about how you can be a part of the next Playbook Workshop and immersive weekend retreat, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m at [email protected] and I’d love to hear from you!


Will Medina