How to Double Your Business - Interview for The ActiveCampaign Podcast

active campaign business coach email marketing marketing automation niche podcast podcast interview travel agency Nov 09, 2020
Chris Davis and I at at The ActiveCampaign Study Hall in Miami

Learning digital marketing and automation in the Travel industry was not easy. The lack of coaches who were actively selling Travel and could understand the actual workflows of a travel business and the required funnels today was huge, and still very limited today. 

I remember spending entire nights trying to understand the meaning of: Tags, List, Trigger, Broadcast, and the list goes on. All those nights spent learning how to automate my business using an affordable tool were worth it. To this day, Active Campaign remains as a favorite tool for myself and many of the Destination Wedding Playbook Students. 

It was a tremendous honor to share my story in their business Podcast with Chris Davis. Check out the episode below.


Time to remove the mystery out of growing your business. Will joins the podcast to share his journey to becoming a wedding destination expert and how he is doubling his business year over year with a very lean team.
Will Medina is the founder of the Destination Wedding Playbook & Destination Weddings Expert, LLC, a boutique travel agency that focuses primarily on destination weddings to Mexico and the Caribbean.  Based in South Florida, Will serves his clients around the world while mentoring dozens of agents around the US in growing their romance travel businesses.

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