Playbook Retreat: Day 1 — Welcome to LUXURY ( (Part 2)

destination wedding playbook destination wedding specialist destination wedding university group travel playbook retreat travel agent travel agent training Dec 29, 2019

From the moment they arrived at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya, I wanted my agents to feel as amazing as their clients will feel. I wanted them to feel the luxury, the pampering, the awe, that sense of wonder and adventure and possibility.

This is part of what is so FUN about planning destination weddings! As an agent, you’re making that kind of happiness possible for your clients in every detail — from transportation to the resort to the welcome party to the food to the music.

Even though the ceremony is the main event, it’s so much more than just the ceremony. You’re creating an entire experience that will translate into a lifetime of beautiful memories for the bride and groom and for everyone there.

We started things off right with an amazing happy hour, complete with delicious food and incredible views. This was a chance for people to finally meet in person, to put faces to names, and to make more meaningful connections.

Look at this food!

Part of what sets DWU and the DW Playbook weekend apart is the sense of intimacy and camaraderie. Students were there to have fun, to learn in a way they couldn’t from behind a computer, and to build each other up. 

It’s important to note, too, that we host Playbook events at hotels that are enthusiastic about working with the agents who have been trained at DWU. So this event is not just a one-off training. It becomes a place to make connections, to come away with an experience of exactly what it’s like to work with a resort that loves destination weddings as much as we do.

Everything, from the very start, had such a relaxed and festive feel.


 We were serenaded into the sunset by a top-notch mariachi band and then were whisked away to get an insider tour of the Rock Star Suite.

 After a show-stopping start to the weekend, the agents went off to get a good night’s sleep — because the next day was going to be intense.

Can you imagine the confidence of selling a destination wedding to a couple during a consultation call when you can share the excitement (and the fabulous pictures) of what their weekend festivities could look like when working with you? That's the level of confidence that we ensure each Playbook graduate earns.