Playbook Retreat: Day 2 — The Wedding Day! And also: punch your fear in the face (a hands-on DW training like no other) (Part 3)

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Day 2 was ALL about Taking Care of Business — we spent the morning diving deep into the questions, practicalities, and challenges of being an entrepreneur.

Representatives from Hard Rock’s Wedding department shared their expertise with agents on things like social media marketing, planning, organization, communication, and collaboration with resorts. It really was invaluable to have these industry insiders right there, available for guidance and encouragement. They also received an entertaining but invaluable video marketing training from Noe Garcia, a Video Content Master.

Agents got a chance to say what was really on their minds as they are taking the leap and making a HUGE commitment to their futures. It’s thrilling — and it can be straight-up terrifying, too. So we did something that you probably won’t see at any other convention: we named our fears out loud and dealt with them. See those little scraps of paper on the floor? That’s all the fear that has been named, faced, and overcome.

This was a day where my agents showed, yet again, the depth of their insight and courage. They really showed what they’re made of.

After all that intense work? It was time for a wedding.

 Where do I even begin with this? It was spectacular, from beginning to end. The setup, the views, the ceremony — everything. The agents got to feel what it was like to create and be a part of something incredibly beautiful and meaningful, and to see how what they do makes all of that possible.


Reception decor by our friends at Tulipania.

Custom Invitation Suite by Amy @ Papertales Custom.

Of course, after a day of hard work and big celebrating, it was the perfect opportunity to let off some steam. And there’s no better place to do that than a gorgeous resort on the Maya Riviera!

There was more great food and drink, of course.


It was time to kick off the wedding reception with a very SPICY Hora Loca by our friends at Producciones Arteum.

And music. And dancers. And celebrating. Did I … did I mention the dancers? AMAZING. 

More pictures of the dancers... (You are welcome). 

And a toast to our Playbook Family... 

 Late into the night, after an amazing display of fireworks...

...we headed back for some rest, so we’d be ready for the last day.