Playbook Retreat: Day 3 — Luxury up close (Part 4)

destination wedding playbook destination wedding specialist destination wedding university hard rock cancun playbook retreat riviera maya wedding sunset sailing travel agent travel agent training unico 2087 Jan 01, 2020

Our final day together brought more beauty, as we toured the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun with the most stunning blue water in the hotel zone. 

The HRHC and Group Gama delighted us at every turn with options to offer our future couples.

Make your own Mimosa bar, anyone? 

Also, we toured the contemporary, clean, understated luxury of Unico 2087 Resort in Riviera Maya and got to experience a variety of wedding ceremony setups.    

Beach Ceremony

Photos by Gabriel Rosario Photography.

At last, after three very full days, it was time to wrap up and (literally!) sail off into the sunset.


 We finished our weekend together by taking in one last picture-perfect evening on the water.

 The air was soft, the ocean pristine, and the sunset seemed a perfect way to bring this incredible experience to a close.


It’s tough to convey everything we did — there was both so much fun and so much learning packed into three days — but this, for me, was an experience of a lifetime.

It was the culmination of so much dreaming and planning, and I know my students worked so hard to get to this wonderful place.

The Playbook weekend is optional for all graduates of DWU — an exclusive, intimate, and in-depth way to showcase all they’ve learned over the previous 15 weeks together. It’s designed to be a perfect blend of immersive, practical training that agents can’t get anywhere else, and also an experience of beauty and mutual support.  

I felt the deepest sense of joy to be with these agents, pride in their accomplishments, and gratitude that I get to share moments like these with such wonderful people in such breathtaking places. 


If you have any questions or would like to know more, I would love to hear from you. Email me today.

 Enrollment for the 2020 class of Destination Wedding University starts in late January — and I can tell you that I’m already excited for what’s the come!