Industry-Leading Destination Weddings Expert Uses Unique Live Training Model to Teach Travel Agents How to Put on the Perfect Tulum-Style Wedding

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Industry-Leading Destination Weddings Expert Uses Unique Live Training Model to Teach Agents How to Put on the Perfect Tulum-Style Wedding 

As a part of Destination Wedding University’s popular and unique-to-the-industry course, founder Will Medina led a select group of graduates in a live destination wedding training that combines every aspect of a real wedding with behind-the-scenes business coaching.

Hollywood, FL, January 25, 2022 – In early 2018, Will Medina, an internationally-recognized destination weddings expert based in Florida, saw a niche need: travel agents wanted to provide unparalleled service for their destination wedding clients, but they didn’t really have the kinds of hands-on learning opportunities that would help them gain practical expertise and show them how to create successful businesses. 

In the fall of 2018, Medina launched the Destination Wedding Playbook Workshop exclusively for graduates of his Destination Wedding University course. 

This weekend-long intensive is totally unique in the industry because from the moment students arrive at the resort, they are both guests enjoying a real wedding and destination wedding- experts in training.  

Bringing Tulum to Cancún” was the theme of this year’s Destination Weddings Playbook retreat. Medina knew that Tulum’s boho-chic vibe, upscale nightlife, immaculate beaches, and mystical cenotes with crystal-clear waters are attracting young couples in droves. 

“Tulum is gorgeous and perfect for brides and grooms who want an intimate wedding weekend with a few friends, in a location that’s more rustic and off the beaten path,” Medina says.  

But what if a couple loves the style of Tulum — and also needs a wedding weekend that includes more high-comfort amenities, more available rooms, that’s closer than two hours from the airport, and that has the easy-access convenience of an all-inclusive resort? 

In other words: travel experts need to be able to stay on top of trends while also planning gorgeous weddings that work for both the couple and their guests.  

Medina and his cohort of recent graduates from Destination Wedding University set out to create the best of both worlds: a flawless Tulum-styled wedding, for a real couple, with all the additional perks Cancún has to offer. 

The weekend event was held at Live Aqua Cancún, a luxe 371-room adults-only resort that’s just 20 minutes from the airport and in the heart of the hotel zone. 

Medina also brought in vendors who have experience working directly in Tulum, so that the photography, catering, and decorating would all have that signature free-spirit flair that has made Tulum a sought-after destination. 

In addition to a half-day immersive sales course, every event — from the welcome cocktail hour to the beach ceremony and reception — is followed by a debrief for the graduates. This allows them to get an inside look at exactly what it takes to plan and execute an unforgettable wedding: the details that matter, direct connections with the best vendors, and how much every option costs. 

“My goal with this event,” Medina said, “is to immerse agents in every aspect of planning so they can go back to their clients with confidence. Yes, it’s beautiful, it’s fun, it’s invigorating — but it also makes them better at their jobs at such a deeper level. My mission is to set them up to  create and run highly successful group travel businesses.” 

And DWU graduates are recognizing the value of this training model: the 2021 retreat sold out in just four minutes, and planning for 2022 is already underway.  

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Will Medina is an award-winning travel agent, owner of Destination Weddings Expert, and founder of Destination Wedding University. He visits dozens of resorts each year and is regarded as an expert in creating, planning, and executing one-of-a-kind weddings in some of the world’s most breathtaking locations.

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