Why we chose Casa de Campo for the Playbook Retreat 2020!

destination wedding playbook destination wedding university playbook retreat Oct 23, 2020

As someone who’s worked in the travel industry for a decade, here’s one thing I know: 

When you get the opportunity to get the inside scoop on a famous resort, you take that opportunity.

In the past, Casa de Campo has been considered out of reach for anyone except the ultra-rich. This is one of the most famous resorts in the world, home to celebrities and the uber-wealthy for the last 50 years. Every whos-who from Frank Sinatra to Pitbull has stayed at Casa de Campo. 

But in recent years, they’ve expanded their reach and now offer enticing group packages for weddings and celebrations. So a couple can now have a wedding at one of the most luxurious resorts on the planet and live in total celeb-style for really not that much more than a 5-star resort.

And if you’re an agent who wants to be on the leading edge, this is a place you want to know about. 

But here’s another thing: mastering Casa de Campo requires some time and some high-quality instruction. This isn’t a place you breeze in and wing it. It has a long history. Its inner workings are complex. It really is an established community — a welcoming place for sure, but definitely a place you have to get to know from the inside. 

With that famous history also comes a towering reputation for being the best at everything: luxury, dining, activities, scenery, design, and having the highest standards for service and safety.

I knew that if any resort in 2020 could effortlessly pull off a group celebration with impeccable style in the age of COVID … it would be Casa de Campo. 

This resort is 7,000 sprawling acres of unparalleled luxury and gorgeous scenery — pristine beaches, stables, golf courses, tennis courts, pools, restaurants and bars, spas. It even has its own re-created 14th-Century Italian village.

(This is a wonderful addition for those brides who had dreams of Italy but couldn’t make it happen with the virus!)

It’s really a boutique resort, with 200 private suites and a clustering of private villas that range from 3-10 bedrooms. Every accommodation has the option of being all-inclusive or EP. The villas come staffed with a personal chef, butler, and daily maid service.

In a way, social distancing is a given, with all the space, the outdoor activities, and all the built-in privacy of the living quarters — so the pivot to taking into account the health and safety needs of guests during COVID isn’t that much of a stretch. 

I don’t know if there’s an industry that changes as quickly as the travel industry, even in a normal year! New technologies, new regulations, shifting geopolitical situations, pandemics — when you decide to become a travel agent, you’re signing up for a job that will never be the same from one day to the next. 

There’s also no other job in my opinion that gets you access to such beauty and such adventure — or that allows you to bring this kind of magic into other people’s lives. With all its unpredictable twists and turns, I’m grateful for 2020 and for the opportunity to introduce my amazing DWU students to the incomparable Casa de Campo!

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