Graduate Spotlight: Mona Deane's Take on the Playbook Retreat at Casa de Campo, DR

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Read below to learn more about how Mona from Horizon Escapes in Connecticut was able to experience this unique property from a perspective she may not have in her standard research. From the villas to the on-site planners and everything in-between, the Playbook Retreat gave our group experience they wouldn't find anywhere else. 

"My name is Mona.

I'm with Horizon Escapes in Connecticut, and I just experienced the Playbook Retreat 2020 at Casa de Campo. This was an amazing experience from start to finish. 

We arrived early and we were surprised to be special guests in a Villa. I can't say enough of the location and how beautiful and unique this experience was. And we had our own paradise being able to experience. 

It will definitely help me be able to share with my couples the importance and the value of actually being in a Villa and having your own Villa experience. So not only were we able to experience the resort, we were able to meet the important members that actually put the weddings together. 

It started with processing the experience with the Playbook and having everything into place, all of the tools that were given and actually tying everything together. So this experience helped me develop the skills that I need to complete the wedding process for my clients and my brides and grooms. 

The experience at check-in, just took me to the paradise that my couples and their guests will experience.

So we were able to experience dining, [also experience] the wedding staff. 

We were able to smell the flowers and all of the beautiful [wedding] designs that were put together. All the way to the final day where we got to watch the bride and groom get married. 

I have to say this was quite the unique experience, and I can't wait to share with my agency, with my other members, because I truly feel that having this, and having all of the moments that we were able to have is going to (help) share with all of our future brides and grooms and, make the process as simple and wonderful and create those memories and dreams that every bride and groom is wanting to create."

To learn more about the importance of the Playbook Retreat being held LIVE amidst Covid-19, Click here

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